July 29, 2022

2022 Student & Faculty Exhibition

September 24 – October 22, 2022
Opening reception September 24 from 5:30-8:30pm

Showcasing dedication to the visual arts and artistic skill, the Student & Faculty exhibit is an annual celebration featuring the work of current PCCA instructors and students. For 2022, entries were limited to artists who were enrolled in the 2021 Summer or Fall term, or the 2022 Winter, Spring or Summer terms. All work displayed in the exhibit was created as part of their PCCA coursework.

Featured Students:

Anita Advaney
Kristi Bonanni
Ann Brigulio
Linda Burnard
Jacqueline Chema
Lauren Cibor
Reyna Colombo
Veronica Ding (youth)
Elizabeth Domanski
E. Philip Doolittle
RoseMary Gaglio
Chad Gohlke
Sigrid Grace
Joel Grgurich
Trish Houtteman
Steve Kerlin
Donna Kraft
Julie Kroppe
Sandra Laham
Betsy Marsh – cover artist
Donna Mazur-Abeare
Andra McKenzie
Vici McLean
Barbara Michewicz
Jill Medlyn
Janis Ney
Darlena Orr
Paulette Palazzolo
Alison Peck
Pam Peck
Laura Phou
Tanis Redd-Harris
Jose Rivera
Isabel Schillace
Paul Shabi
Sarah Shelton (youth)
Della Simmons
Ann Starrs
Patricia Sulak
Don Vella
Barbara Waldorf
Jennifer Walker
Kari Walker
Kathy Warriner
Peggy Whiteley
Kathy Wilk

Featured Instructors
Nicole Bush – Ceramic
Shelley Malec Vitale – Painting
David Prescott – Drawing, Painting
Charles Pompilius – Drawing, Painting
Anatoliy Shapiro – Painting
Carolyn Shoemaker – Painting
Martin Skalski – 3D Design, Drawing

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