September 13, 2023

2023 Art & Apples Festival award winners


Best in Show: Luis Gutierrez, Clay; Awards of Excellence: Gary Curtis, Painting; Wendy Lyon, Fibers Non-Wearable; Jesse Richard, Printmaking.

Rochester, Michigan – September 10, 2023 – Paint Creek Center for the Arts is proud to announce the exceptional achievements of our talented artists, Luis Gutierrez, Gary Curtis, Wendy Lyon and Jesse Richard, who have been recognized for their outstanding work in their respective mediums. Each of these artists have received a cash prize, jury exempt status for the 2024 Art & Apples Festival, and commemorative ribbon.

Luis Gutierrez has been awarded our coveted Best In Show award, an accolade reserved for the most talented artist in our festival, and determined by our guest panel of on-site jurists. With his attention to detail and masterful techniques, Gutierrez’s work captivated both jurists and festival patrons.

Gary Curtis, Wendy Lyon and Jesse Richard were each recognized with an Award of Excellence, a recognition bestowed upon artists who demonstrate an exceptional level of artistry and creativity. Their unique styles, captivating compositions, and exceptional craftsmanship set them apart in their respective mediums.

“It is always a great feeling when you can recognize someone for their efforts and dedication to their art,” Said Jenny Stacey, PCCA’s Manager of Galleries & Digital Media and Art & Apples Festival artist liaison. “Their talent and pursuit of artistic excellence should be celebrated, and we are Honored to have them as part of the 2023 Art & Apples Festival.”

Paint Creek Center for the Arts is a 501c3 nonprofit dedicated to celebrating and supporting creativity in our community by providing opportunities for all to learn, create, experience, and appreciate the arts.

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