April 10, 2021

April Featured Art Market Artist: Hunt & Gather Dry Goods

Please join us as we welcome back our 2020 Holiday Art Market artist, Allie Chantial Vincent of Hunt & Gather Dry Foods!

Those familiar with our Art & Apples Festival may recognize this creators name from our list of delightful handmade knit and crochetwear. Founded right before the pandemc hit, Hunt & Gather Dry Foods is a small batch, Latina owned, company out of Dearborn Heights. In a recent post, founder and creator Allie said of her work: “Our products focus on old world food preservation techniques including dehydrating. It’s a long process but you will not be disappointed. ” We totally agree.

Find a variety of delicious cocktail mixes, ready for your home celebrations and upcoming backyard BBQ’s for sale in the Art Market at Paint Creek Center for the Arts (407 Pine St., Rochester, MI 48307) now through June 1, 2021. Prices begin at $20.00. Find more flavors and additional snacks from Hunt & Gather on their website here.



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