January 14, 2020

2020, Creatures Great & Small

Debuted Saturday, February 8, 2020 with an Opening Reception from 3-5PM
Exhibition Open: 2•8•20 – 3•14•20

From the post card: “Have you come across an animal in the wild with which you’ve felt an inexplicable bond? Do the animals depicted in your family crest, connected to your birth year in the Chinese zodiac, or are part of your astrological sign have personal meaning for you? Have you developed a relationship with the birds or squirrels who visit your yard?  Join Paint Creek Center for the Arts for a roaring start to the 2020 Exhibition Year and see how some Southeast Michigan artists connect with the animal kingdom in Creatures Great & Small.

Work from the following artists was included in Creatures Great & Small

  • Leeann Arcand
  • Sophia Bachman
  • Anne-Marie Blaney
  • Katy Busam
  • Melinda Bylow
  • Calum H. Clow
  • Steve Czapiewski
  • Emily Dziegielewski
  • Paul Falzarano
  • Laurie Friedman
  • Laura Gabriel
  • Linden Godlove
  • Sigrid Grace
  • MaryAnn Harris
  • Trish Houtteman
  • Anna Hughes
  • Keith Jenkins
  • Claudia Keglovitz
  • Paul Kellett
  • Julie Kroppe
  • Marguerite Leonard
  • Stephen Lombardi
  • John Lucassian
  • Greta Lyons
  • Kelly Lyons
  • Betsy Marsh
  • Joy McCalvin
  • Brandon F. Ottenbacher
  • Kendra Riley
  • Marusa Sanchez-Ruiz
  • Kimberly Santini
  • John Scharf
  • Carolyn Shoemaker
  • Carol Stevens
  • Sarah Tierney
  • Rene Tuohy
  • Darleen Urbanek
  • Alexandra Weadock
  • Brittany Wiltsie Pappas
  • Richard Wojciechowski
  • Susan Young
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