November 30, 2022

Featured Faculty: Corinne MacInnes

Featured Faculty – Corinne MacInnes

B.A. Studio Art

Corinne MacInnes is a Metro Detroit-based artist working primarily with ceramic mediums and multimedia components. She graduated with a BA in 2015 from Kalamazoo College and attended the Michigan State University Post-Baccalaureate Ceramics Program for two years. Her work focuses on the small details and individual parts that make up a whole. She often makes many multiples of small forms by hand, combining them to generate final pieces. Much of her work also listens to a love for miniature versions of daily objects, which she portrays as a diluted version of kitsch.

Corinne MacInnes, PCCA faculty
Corinne MacInnes is a faculty member at Paint Creek Center for the Arts
Pictured: Corinne MacInnes, PCCA teaching faculty member.

Marlene (with a physical slash mark)

by Corinne MacInnes

Orange 90's Shapes cup

by Corinne MacInnes

Shrinking Selections

by Corinne MacInnes

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