February 6, 2024

Featured Faculty: Noah Zirpoli

Featured Faculty – Noah Zirpoli


Noah Zirpoli graduated from Cranbrook Academy of Art in 2023 with his Masters of Fine Art in Ceramics.

Artist Statement

Clay. With a press of a finger the form can be completely changed. The soul of a ceramic vessel can be altered. Other materials such as metal and wood steal away the urgency of the mind and our judgment becomes clouded with reason and logic. Clay has the ability to transfer and record movement in a dimensional and tangible way where paint and other mark making materials seem to fall short to me. Clay has a life, it has a cycle and in this cycle the clay experiences a sort of alternative time from our own. Every pot from start to finish has its own life during its process into becoming a ceramic.

PCCA Instructor, Noah Zirpoli
Pictured: Noah Zirpoli, PCCA teaching faculty member.

by Noah Zirpoli

by Noah Zirpoli

by Noah Zirpoli

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