August 1, 2023

Featured Faculty: Shelley Malec Vitale

Featured Faculty – Shelley Malec Vitale


Shelley Malec Vitale graduated with her Bachelor of Fine Art Degree in Painting from Eastern Michigan University. In addition she has studied under some noted artists in Michigan at Wayne State University, College for Creative Studies and Henry Ford Community College. Active in the Detroit Art Community, she has shown throughout the country and is in private and corporate collections. She has worked at the Detroit Artists Market and CCS and was director at Romeo’s Starkweather Society. She began teaching at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in the early 1990’s. Her approach to teaching is comprehensive including art history, technique, process, and art sensibility with the goal of helping artists of all levels achieve quality finished work. She has taught art in the area for over three decade. Her husband of 30 years is also an artist and they have three daughters who all have degrees and careers in the arts. Also, she has written a humorous fictional novel and hopes to continue writing. Currently she sits on the Board of Trustees for Macomb Community College with the goal of helping all students achieve their life goals.

Artist Statement

I believe to create a person has to experience (not just sit in a studio all day staring at fruit bowls). There doesn’t seem to be many paid positions in this world with the job title “Fine Artist” so through necessity I have worked a variety of ‘odd” jobs from Art Director to factory worker. I have benefited from each experience and value the opportunity to work. (I also write fiction and all the crazy jobs helped with that.”

I like to think the Creative View is a spiritual vocation (a calling) that I’m grateful for. Art is a language and a vehicle that carries energy to the viewer. I have to approach my work humbly though. Everything disintegrates: our lives, our cultures, and all the things we create. So as I make ‘this thing’ I have to believe I’m just doing something that God wants me to do for some unknown purpose. It does require a leap of faith. It’s a nice thought to think that what we do holds some eternal value or purpose and I certainly don’t want to make art to satisfy my own limited view or ego.

Shelley Malec Vitale, PCCA faculty
Pictured: Shelley Malec Vitale, PCCA teaching faculty member.

by Shelley Malec Vitale

by Shelley Malec Vitale

by Shelley Malec Vitale

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