April 24, 2020

#PCCAMay Daily Art Challenge

Get creative with Paint Creek Center for the Arts this May with a daily art-making challenge.

Beginning May 1st, Paint Creek Center for the Arts will share a daily art-making prompt on our Facebook and Instagram accounts every day through the end of the month. We will also be sharing samples of work that meets the prompt, educational resources from other arts organizations, and entertaining content to help inspire you in your art making.

Each Friday throughout #PCCAMay, PCCA will post a round up of some of our favorite works created by participants who completed that weeks’ prompts. This will be a separate post from the daily prompt. To ensure PCCA can find your artwork online, use the hashtag ‘#PCCAMay’ and tag @PaintCreekCenterForTheArts when you post.

#PCCAMay is open to makers of all ages, working in any medium and at any size. Our prompts are designed to begin with the fundamental elements of art and design as an educational introduction (or refresher) for participating artists. Expect the prompts to get progressively more difficult, and silly, as the month and your skills progress!

——–Helpful Tips——–

If you’ve never participated in a monthly art challenge before, you will need some sort of public social media account, at least Instagram or Facebook, and some sort of digital camera- like the one in your phone! Setting your Facebook/Instagram profile to “public” will allow other people to see your artwork/posts, not just other artists participating in #PCCAMay.

You can- and should!- post your creations on other sites like your personal blogs, Tumblr, art groups, etc., but PCCA will only be looking for our hashtag on Instagram and Facebook for #PCCAMay entries. Please not that PCCA will not be able to see any posts shared on accounts set to “private”.

Making a new piece of art, from concept to completion, in a single day is HARD… but that’s half the fun! If you’re not sure if you will be able to carve out the time in your schedule to do a full 3’ masterpiece each day, consider working smaller. Because we share all the prompts from the very beginning, it is also easier to create thumbnails (small rough sketches of your idea, like a loose blueprint) for each daily prompt before jumping in to working full-size.

The work you create does not have to be related to any of the work that you have already made or will make. However, if you would like to structure the prompts into a series, this may make the creation process simpler for some.

You may notice that the art you make contains more than one days’ prompt. This is a good thing! However, we encourage participants to create a unique piece for each of the prompts. Artists who successfully complete the challenge should walk away with 30 new pieces of art in your collection!

Work within your means. While the prompts are designed to help you flex those big art muscles, we don’t expect you to spend a fortune on new supplies. The goal is to create new work all month long.

——–Daily Prompts——–

  • May 1 – Texture
  • May 2 – Shape
  • May 3 – Line
  • May 4 – Contrast
  • May 5 – Scale
  • May 6 – Distance
  • May 7 – Hierarchy
  • May 8 – Pattern
  • May 9 – Composition
  • May 10 – Motion
  • May 11 – Depth
  • May 12 – Monochromatic Color
  • May 13 – Analogous Colors
  • May 14 – Complimentary Colors
  • May 15 – Black & White
  • May 16 – FREE DAY
  • May 17 – Self Portrait
  • May 18 – Nature Scene
  • May 19 – Weather Phenomenon
  • May 20 – Animal up to no good
  • May 21 – Quarantine Feelings
  • May 22 – Different Medium
  • May 23 – New Style
  • May 24 – Include letters or words
  • May 25 – Clothing
  • May 26 – Fantasy
  • May 27 – Historical
  • May 28 – Technology
  • May 29 – Make it with food
  • May 30 – Doesn’t belong
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