January 11, 2024

2023 Monstrous

Paint Creek Center for the Arts dipped into the dark and mysterious Fall 2023.

MONSTER. From ancient beasts out of cautionary tales, mythical creatures aiding our noble hero in learning a valuable lesson, to pop culture fiends invented to terrorize and thrill on the big screen, the word “monster” is sure to evoke something in us all.

Inspired by all the things that go bump in the night or that simply can’t be explained, Monstrous brought together a collection of creatures to delight and entertain. Gallery visitors found a wide assortment of curious creatures and haunting creations.

An opening reception was held on October 7th from 4-7 pm.

Refreshments were provided in part by Hunt & Gather Dry Foods.

The following artists were included in the exhibit:


Elizabeth Botkin

David Chesnutt

Winnie Chrzanowski

Terence Cover

Stephen Czapiewski


Brian D’Annunzio

Andrew DeBoever

Corinne Elizabeth


Sigrid Grace

Cordelia Grim

Beth Guest

Christina Hetzler


Mike Kelly

Michael Kruso

Millie Kuehnast


Clint Marlatt

Betsy Marsh

Andra McKenzie

Amelia Meier


Hunter Parsons

Ed Plewa

David Prescott


Ryan Shipman

Andrew Siegel

Leah Sivak

Sarah Tierney


Camille Vitale

Alexandra Weadock

Leo Willer

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